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[Sable would be lying if she said that the academy wasn't still on her mind, even after having to leave roughly a year ago. Of course, she promised herself once she left that, when the tailor shop was properly fixed and she was confident that her sisters could run the shop by themselves again, she would return and resume teaching her home economics class. But soon, one thing led to another, and...

Well. Time has a way of slipping through your paws like sand, huh?

And so, after one night of reminiscing about the school, she went to bed...and woke up in a grassy patch next to the mansion. Something about this place...seemed so familiar, in yet at the same time, not at all.


[She had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming, that the school pool and the greenhouse were really there, even though somehow the school wasn't. Nope. She wasn't dreaming. Soon a million questions started flowing through her head. She started to wring her paws, trying not to panic.]

Wh-Where is this?!


Feb. 6th, 2016 11:26 pm
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[At some point during the night, a new patch of golden flowers sprouted up in the mansion's front yard. Pretty at a distance, but if you looked close... Something else had appeared without warning, too. After a few moments of light (or not-so-light) snoring, a kid woke up in the middle of the flower patch, very clearly alarmed at this new predicament.

A mansion? What? That wasn't... Right... ...Hold on, why were THOSE FLOWERS THERE
They stood and tried to carefully tiptoe out, but that's easier said than done for a kid that just woke up. After tromping out and yawning, the worry set in. What if...

Slowly, they knelt down next to the flowers and began talking to them.]

Hello...? Um, are you there?

[If you caught Frisk after they woke up, they were probably inside, looking skittish around the dust or sticking money inside spider webs. Or... Raiding the fridge!? Okay, first of all, there isn't even power to run a fridge, and there's nothing in there besides an ancient plastic container, which they seemed to be eyeing with an alarming amount of interest.]
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[No matter who you are or where you are, if you're walking around...just about anywhere on campus, you're likely to find a skeleton. However, what he'll be doing when you find him depends solely on the time of day.

Maybe you'll find him sleeping somewhere. Anywhere. Even places that don't make logical sense. As long as his body can fit, bam. Done deal.

Perhaps he's standing on a milk crate, holding onto a lint roller and cracking some absolutely terrible jokes to anyone who walks by.

Or he could have a booth set up. Looks kinda like the kind you'd see a sentry having. However, instead of guarding something...he's selling hot dogs? Or hot cats, if that's more your style.]
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Need a distraction from current events? How about the stars that seem to have come down to earth to play and frolic? Wait, those aren't stars... are they? They have eyes, make cute squeaking sounds, and float about. They also seem to love candy.

And among them, standing on a hill with a telescope, was a tall blonde woman in a long flowing blue dress. She seemed fairly nonplussed and calm. A table near her had a teapot and teacups, and a plate of strange crystalline candies.

What will you do?
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There was a blue and yellow biplane flying over the city. Well, flying was a rather strong word. It was smoking and stuttering, until finally its trajectory tilted downward, and finally crashed into the remains of the campus. Fortunately, the pilot was unharmed. At least everything but his pride was unharmed.

If you ventured towards the crash site, you would surely find a teenage orange fox examining the wreckage, trying to figure out what part of his great design could have crapped out overhead.
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Oh, hey. It's a green hawk flying around on a hoverboard and stopping in front of the ruined school. He looks pretty confused. He's also perusing a map, which he keeps flipping over and poking at.

He looks pretty irritable. Maybe a friendly greeting would cheer him up. Or some help with that map. Or a comment about him being an idiot. Up to you.
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Wave! WAVE!! Are you here? Jet's gone! I woke up and... and he's just GONE!!

This place looks crummy. Is this your home? Why do you live around piles of rubble?

Oh. Um... hi, people. I'm Storm the Albatross. If this is your home, I'm sorry it's so crummy.

Oh my!

Jul. 9th, 2015 01:02 pm
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Princess Peach was still new at the academy. She didn't recognize many of the people there, and without a horde of retainers around her, she felt lonely. But she was nothing if not resilient and resourceful. She quickly found herself a way to relax, and hopefully meet some new faces. 

If there was one thing she did well, it was tea and cake. And so, out in the fields, with a big soft blanket spread out over the grass, the princess had set up an impromptu tea party, complete with fine cups and a plate with a delicious looking chocolate cake for anyone who wanted a piece. Would you come and partake?
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Who: Soren and YOU, if you want to pass your Language Arts graduation requirement.
What: Creative Writing class
Where: The Humanities classroom
Warnings: Teacher is dry and has no sense of humor.

Soren waited until all the students had filed into the classroom. The fact that they'd not been ready and waiting to learn at the top of the hour irritated him, but he retained a cool composure.

"Welcome back. I see some have decided their grade is not of utmost importance to them. All students not present receive a failing grade for the year and must re-take it next session.

"Moving on. Writing has always been an acceptable outlet for frustrations or creativity."

He shook his head.

"But keep in mind: no one wants to read your melodramatic whining except yourselves. If you truly feel the need to write poetry or complain about lost love, then consider taking up Martial Arts. Physical activity is a much more productive conduit for pathetic teenage angst.

"Your homework was to write a paragraph about your dreams and why in all likelihood you will not accomplish them. You, in the far back. You go first."
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Out of nowhere, all the TVs, monitors, etc. flicker on and flash to a scene of ... what looks like the interior of a ventilation shaft? Smack dab in the middle of the frame is a voluptuous figure smirking haughtily, face lit only by the screen she's facing.

"Well hello, Smash Academy and Final Destination City. It's me again. As humble as I usually am, I felt the need to gloat today. Why? Because I have acquired--" she pauses for dramatic effect, then whips a large gem into the frame. "--THIS! Yes, your precious yellow emerald. It's all mine! I won it fair and square. Let this be a lesson to anyone securing jewels anywhere: Rouge the Bat always gets what she wants!

"Since I have a little time until the police catch up with me," she says, propping her head up on her hand, "does anybody want to say hi? My video chat ID is at the bottom of your screen."

[Video or audio chat, go!]
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[ You may be on your way somewhere, when you step on/trip over a large, prone object. That object is a girl with cat-like features such as a tail, ears (covered) and paw prints on the hands of her coat. She complains, pitifully but loudly (so you can hear her): ]

Meoooowww... I'm so huuuungry, I could die at any moment, meow... *cough cough* Please, bring me foooooood...

[ She didn't actually cough, she said those coughs. Hey, it's worked before, surely some other poor sucker will give in. ]
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(a familiar figure is seen wandering around campus. The former ethics teacher?)
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{Scenario A: awake}

[ A tired-looking girl with a dark expression wanders the campus, holding a book wrapped in chains. On closer inspection, the girl's hands are purple with red nails. Some new style? And the book appears to be kind of... bloody.

Maybe you could ask what she's doing with it. Or steer clear of her. That might be a good idea too.

{Scenario B: dream}

[ The same girl is now running, still looking a bit lost. This time, she has no book in hand... or claw, rather. Now she's purple all over with some stitches, except for her hands which have been replaced with two blood-red claws on each hand. They look sharp enough to stab and tear and kill anything that they touch.

And she looks ready to do just that.
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Look out FDC, there's a zombie of the loose! Don't mind that she's incredibly adorable and cheerful or anything, really, don't... Chances are she's already tricked and conned you into doing just what she wants! That doesn't stop a select few from already warning the proper authorities.

Can't a girl just appreciate your brain? With some sauce on the side? And a good coffee too!
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A young blonde elvish-looking man rode a proud brown mare out of the woods. He looked around curiously, but with a weary face. This wasn't Hyrule... At least no part of Hyrule he knew. How did he get here? More importantly, where was here? The path behind him seemed to close off as he passed. He would not be getting back that way... Only one way to go. Forward.

The hero clad in green and his horse wandered through the campus grounds, looking for any who could fill in the gaps in his knowledge. Hopefully they were friendly.
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How strange... even after getting herself healed up, Leviathan couldn't quite place where she was, or why she was here. Considering her last memory before waking up here, unless this was some sort of robot afterlife, she didn't know what else to make of it.

How very, very strange.

Well, the school now has a spear-wielding Guardian roaming the premises. Not even bothering to ask people what's going on and relying on her own instincts.

It was really dusty here. She needed to find a source of water soon, at the very least.
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[It so happens that rival school Capcom High has permanently suspended a certain pirate from attending due to a scandal involving sending a rocket to the moon. In light of being kicked out, Tron here is scoping out places to eventually set up shop in, and ultimately figure out a way to nuke Capcom High in revenge.

In other words, she's also taking note and planning an attack on Smash Academy for a later date as well. Doesn't matter if the academy isn't suited for her revenge endeavors or not. She's an equal opportunist you see! If there is so much as a little profit to be scoffed out of Smash Academy, she'll take it. By force, of course.

However today isn't the day she decides to make her grand entrance. She's mainly here to scope out the surroundings, jot down names of important people and generally spy on the daily life and on goings. Get as much information as she can and relay it back to her older brother in order to form a battle plan, just in case she does decide to go on the offensive (which is extremely very likely).

You can run into her, and her forty-plus Servbot entourage just about anywhere that is accessible in the school; Snooping around a couple of classrooms, stealing food from the cafeteria, to spying on you from a tree. Go ahead and catch her in action or generally just bug the heck out of her.]
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[Strange... Ciel didn't remember there being a portal from the resistance caravan. But here she was, in a different place that she didn't know existed before now.

The people and creatures she saw as she passed by were sometimes odd, but she had to keep an open mind, being in a different place. Still... she had to wonder where this place was on the planet.

She'll just walk inside and see what she can learn about it. It's the best solution to her predicament, after all.]
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[This wasn't the Pizzeria. How in the world did Toy Chica even end up here? Checking her memory banks proved fruitless; all it showed was a flash of light and suddenly she was in front of this... large building.

She stood still and looked around, taking everything into account and learning what she could from the appearance of the academy, but it ended up raising more questions than she could answer. Worse, her facial recognition chip was offline, so she couldn't actually recognize any faces that might be from the corporation... the ones that were programmed into her.

Well, better at least walk around and see what she can find. Maybe there's a party hall in here.

Hopefully nobody's going to question why she's holding a plate with a plastic cupcake that has a candle in it...]